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The other day, I had the privilege to speak to over 1,500 students at Texas Women's College and Texas Christian University outside of Dallas.  The energy in the room was electric as I spoke about my less-than-traditional route to success and the secrets to how I live my life in a positive way. I challenged the students to what we are now calling the #30daysofgratitude challenge, a hashtag which is starting to take a life of its own on social media. Naturally, people who weren't present last night are wondering what the heck this is. So here goes: a few years ago, I created this challenge for myself and the results were pretty amazing. I went from getting bad news after bad news to suddenly experiencing a shift in my attitude and everyday life. Suddenly, the bad phone calls turned into good ones and life started handing me big rewards. How did I do this and how can you? It's so easy.  

Every morning, whether it's the first thing you do in bed or something you do walking to class or driving to work, I want you to have complete silence and be alone and start saying out loud what you are thankful for. And not just the big things like "I'm thankful for my children and my husband" I'm talking about the little everyday things we all take for granted like your favorite hot cup of coffee which energizes you and brings you comfort and your eye sight that allows you to see a beautiful sunset. Here's a sample of what I say:

“Thank you for the beautiful blue skies today and the sun that keeps me warm and brightens up my life. Thank you for my car, which takes me safely to and from work each day. Thank you for the comfy bed I sleep in and my favorite pillow that always gives me a good night's rest. Thank you for my legs that are strong and allow me to take beautiful hikes and dance with my friends. Thank you for my hands that let me hold my son's little hand, the best feeling in the world. And thank you for letting me wake up healthy and vibrant today and ready to take on anything life throws my way.” 

If you do your own version of this for 30 seconds a day every morning for 30 days, you will see incredible results. Life will inevitably start looking up and things will seem to get better. You will realize that being thankful for the little things opens the door for the big things to enter your life. 

Start tomorrow and let me know how it goes thirty days from now by commenting below. Get ready for some good news! :)