For Tara.

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Last week, I lost a friend to cervical cancer. Her name was Tara Bassi and she was only 24 years old. She was diagnosed a short eighteen months ago, but in the end, her body was done fighting and now she is at peace. I had the privilege of meeting her last summer when we were connected by people in Tara’s hometown of Chicago because Tara had studied journalism in college and was hoping to one day be a host on E! News. She and I struck an immediate friendship and I would refer to her as the little sister I never had. Tara comes from a big Irish-Italian family and I had the pleasure to meet several of her family members throughout the past year.  They were very welcoming and were generous with the time they allowed me to spend with Tara, whether at the hospital or in their home. It was during a visit three months ago when we were sitting in her living room and Tara was going through yet another round of chemotherapy. The chemo was especially tough on her this time around and she was weak and pretty frail, yet she still found the strength to sit with me for hours and gossip about Hollywood and talk about life in general.  We talked about a lot, but the one thing that stood out the most was when I asked her what she wanted to do once she got better and put cancer behind her. Without missing a beat she responded that she wanted to help other young women who were battling cancer and be a guide for them throughout their own journey. So when she passed away exactly one week ago, I knew I had to do everything in my power to help fulfill this dream of hers. When Tara’s mom, Kelly Bassi, reached out to me following Tara’s death and said in lieu of flowers she wanted donations to be made in Tara’s name to my charity, Fab-U-Wish, it warmed my  heart.  Therefore, we have created the “Tara Bassi Memorial Fund” in her honor. I hope that Tara knows that even though she is no longer with us here on Earth, she is still making a difference in the lives of so many women, just like she had hoped.

This isn’t goodbye… until we meet again.


In lieu of flowers, a fund has been created in Tara’s name to help women fighting cancer. Please send donations to the Tara Bassi Memorial Fund at FAB-U-WISH/The Pink Agenda.

Checks made payable to The Pink Agenda

Mail to:
Tara Bassi Memorial Fund at FAB-U-WISH
C/O The Pink Agenda
60 East 56 Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10022.
or visit to donate.